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Cheap CNC Mdf Wood Engraving Machine for Sale

cheap cnc mdf wood engraving machine for sale use the multi heads change tools automatically to make cabine and doors

    cheap cnc mdf wood engraving machine for sale

    Application of mdf wood engraving machine

    With a wide sphere of application in varieties of purpose for diffenent industries: making advertising signs such as, processing tri-dimensional surface that plank plate and solid wave plate, fabricating screen and sashed window, engraving and cutting of cabinet gate, wooden and paint-free gate, building model,etc. metal industry, processing furniture Also widely used for making signs, wood pattern, aero wood pattern, propeller, form vehicle mould, forming 3-Dl surface of violin, Erhu and other musical instruments, external cutting and engrave pattern, handwriting or frame on those instruments, etc. 

    cheap cnc router


    1.Working area:1300*2500*200mm 
    2.Spindle:4.5KW air cooling spindle in the middle one +3.5KW air cooling spindle +3.5KWair cooling spindle.
    3. Table: vacuum table
    4.Transmission: X,Y axis rack transmission, Z-axis Taiwan TBI ball screw.
    5.Sunfar inverter.
    6.Hiwin square linear guide rails
    7.Hybrid servo motor and driver
    8. Airtac pneumatic cylinder
    9.Operating system: Original Nc studio system
    10.Z  zero tool sensor
    11. Tools box(include router bits, collector,clamp,tool sensor,ect)
    12. Artcam/Alphacam software
    13.7.5kw China water vacuum pump 380V
    14.dual-drum dust collector, brush,suction pipe
    15.Voltage 3Phase 380V/50HZ
    16.automatic oil injection system
    17.Packaging should be international standard plywood case packing
    18.with positioning cylinder

    Machine parts of cheap cnc wood mdf cnc engraving machine

    Samples on wood engraving.

    cheap cnc router for cabinet doors

    Furniture making machine Exhibition we attended.

    cnc router exhibition

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