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Wood Working CNC Router 1325

Wood Working CNC Router 1325

Wood Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, office and wood furniture, antique furniture,tables,chair, doors, windows,headboards and so on.

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    Wood Working CNC Router 1325 Description                                                        

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    Wood Working CNC Router 1325 Features                                                            

    1. When the machine working, but the voltage is broken, the machine will start working from the broken point.

    2. The lubrication system can auto lubrication different point at same time when the machine working after a  certain period of work, and you can set this time.

    3. System have auto nesting function, it can calculate the most mathod that save your material, improve work efficiency.

    4. Auto loading and unloading system and pushing device, when the machine finish work, the pushing device will push the material. At same time, auto loading material. Save the labor cost and save reduce loading and unloading matrial time.

    Wood Working CNC Router 1325 Details                                                                

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    cnc router auto tool change.jpg

                        5+4 Drills

    It can drilling and engraving, apply to tables,

    chair, doors, windows, headboards and so on,

    improve work efficiency

                             12 tools

    12 tools on the magazine, it can do many

    different design,  12 tools can save your tool

    change time.

    wood cnc router (7).jpgwood cnc router 6.jpg
    Syntec 6MD controller, double drive function and USB connect

    Aluminum slot, can prevent the drop of small


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